Acquisition Marketing

Acquisition marketing is the process of growing your customer base through avenues such as pay-per-click advertising or content marketing. It allows you to track your customers’ decision-making process and discover your customer acquisition cost. Drive more traffic to your online assets and convert that traffic into leads with acquisition marketing.

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What You Get


The number one goal with acquisition marketing is generating leads. This also includes trying to understand and lower customer acquisition cost. Website optimization increases inbound traffic, while content marketing helps convert that traffic into leads.

Customer Touch Points

People want to connect with the brands they interact with. Customer touch points allow visitors and customers to connect with your brand through many different avenues, such as forms, chat, online messaging and strategic social connections.

Better Reach

Anytime someone searches your product or service, your brand needs to be in front of them. With strategic search ads you can reach more customers, which will naturally result in an increase in top line revenue for your business.


Because acquisition marketing is so quantifiable, there are vast amounts of data that can be pulled from it. Acquisition marketing can help you make strategic business decisions on growth and discover true customer acquisition cost.

Quantifiable Results

Everything with acquisition marketing is black and white, which means you can track the success of each campaign from start to finish. From impressions to top line revenue, everything has a KPI and a reportable item you’re able to draw information and data from.


Want to start generating more leads?

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What We Do


Our first step is understanding your business goals and how to best align lead generation efforts and tactics around those goals.

Ongoing Optimization

With the ever-changing landscape of acquisition advertising, continuous optimization is essential to the success of your campaigns. We will adjust your acquisition advertising campaigns on a weekly basis, at least.

Organic Touch

We work hard to understand your business and how acquisition marketing campaigns fit into your business model. This is vital for long-term business success.

Testing and Data Driven

We test and then test some more. Each campaign is tested and optimized, from the headline text on an ad, all the way to the call to action button on the landing page.

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