Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing can help close gaps in your marketing strategy and provide a pleasurable way to engage with contacts and potential customers. The purpose of Inbound Marketing is to convert customers by creating relevant content and adding value for every stage of the customer journey. Drive leads and nurture them along the customer journey with Inbound Marketing.

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What You Get

Customer Journey

Your customer journey map will show where your contacts and current customers sit within marketing objectives of your company. This will give you 360 view of how to move contacts from one part of the journey to the next. Generally, a customer journey will be 4 to 8 steps.

Permission Based Sales

Customizing your marketing and sales effort to exactly match your customers’ wants and needs will help you drive more leads and enable you to nurture those leads into customers. Market to your customers how they want to be marketed to with permission based sales

Content Development

The creation and distribution of consistent content helps highlight your business’s strategic value to customers. Case studies, infographics, videos, lead magnets, and testimonials will be placed into a schedule with a distribution strategy.

End-to-End Customer Lifecycle Marketing

End-to-end customer lifecycle marketing allows you to track and manage the customer lifecycle from lead to customer and beyond. Form closer relationships with your customers and improve the Lifetime Value of the client.

Marketing Automation

Using automation can improve the efficiencies and the scale at which you market. A/B testing can give you strong insights into how marketing campaigns are performing and what lists or audiences are performing at a higher level. The entire marketing process becomes faster and more robust.

Sales Enablement

Creating synergy between marketing and sales is critical for a business to increase revenue. You’ll be able to give your sales people data and insights into your target market and see marketing working alongside them to close deals and nurture leads.

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What We Do


We work with you to formulate a strategy to implement inbound marketing into your company’s mission and operations. From there we develop an ongoing strategy to improve the sales process and increase top line revenue.

Content Development

We produce high-quality content for your inbound marketing campaigns through graphic design, blog writing, copywriting, videography, email creation, and creative storytelling. Our team of creatives works on content throughout the year and partners with strategists to optimize and distribute it to your contacts and potential customers.


By segmenting contacts, improving click-through rates, optimizing landing pages, and developing user-friendly websites, we are able to nurture leads from one step of the journey to the next. Done on a daily basis, this improves campaigns lead generation and conversion.


We send monthly reports showcasing the success of past campaigns and work closely with you to stay up-to-date on your business and marketing goals to ensure the success of future campaigns is achieved.

Excellent personal service, timely responses, great SEO work, great web design and maintenance. I definitely have noticed a significant bump in my business since starting my relationship with Maudience. I have been a customer for nearly two years and really appreciate their great work.

Awesome company to work with. Mark has done a great job in putting together a strategy for Heartland Credit Restoration.