Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales team with the tools they need to engage with potential customers throughout the buyer’s journey. Give your sales team focus, alignment, and a new way to sell in today’s consumer-driven climate. Turn marketing into a new revenue source and tie your dollars directly back to ROI with Sales Enablement.

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Sales organizations with between 3 and 25 sales people

Companies struggling with lead qualification and tracking

Sales dominant companies who are looking to increase marketing efforts

What You Get

Email Template Creation

Creating email templates will help align sales with your marketing efforts and create a unified approach from a brand perspective.

Prospecting Analysis and Reporting

Discover what is driving Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads and how to build the reports sales managers need to thrive.

Sequence Creation

Learn to automate tasks and emails based off of consumer interests and needs.

Sales Content Creation

Give your sales people content to distribute that is intriguing and helps earn trust and build credibility for your brand.

Continual Review and Monitoring of Sales Effectiveness

Strategy and vision are continually changing. Learn how to look for new ways to sell and market to your prospective clients.

Clean, Organize, Migrate Data

Figuring out where data resides and organizing that data is important when moving forward with a sales initiative.

CRM Implementation and Setup

Help identify and select a CRM that fits your company’s needs. Onboard your sales staff and teach them how to use the CRM, both inside and outside the office.

Create a Feedback Loop Between Marketing and Sales

Figuring out what content is working and which strategies need improving are vital in the sales process. Creating a feedback loop can help your marketing department create better content and your sales department understand what is working and how to use it to close more deals.

Want to start generating more sales?

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Sales & Marketing Alignment

Many companies still struggle with aligning sales and marketing. Discover ways sales and marketing can work together to generate and nurture leads with sales enablement.

Awesome company to work with. Mark has done a great job in putting together a strategy for Heartland Credit Restoration.