Health Services

By providing health services such as physical therapy or in-home care, you help improve the quality of life of your patients through your medical expertise and compassion for others.

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Your Challenge

Health Services Marketing Client

You don’t know where to begin. Many of your patients are referrals from other practitioners; you think you should be marketing but it seems like a waste.

Our Solution

Allyson Machala - Digital Marketing Strategist

You need a strong loyalty marketing program put in place that keeps people informed and engaged with your brand. Producing rich content for your patients can also be used to attract and market to a local/regional audience and make you a thought leader among potential patients.

Typical Monthly Budget
Avg Cost per Lead
3 moto6 mo
Time to Implement

Change the Way You Gain New Patients

Though many of your patients come from referrals, increasing web traffic through acquisition marketing can amplify brand awareness in your community and create more leads through your online assets. It takes trust, however, to convert a lead into a patient. You can build trust by creating content that speaks to potential patients at every stage of the buyer journey with Inbound Marketing. When it comes to health services, having a website geared toward providing education and addressing your patients needs is essential.

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