Improved User Experience

At the top of the list every year is improved user experience (UX). By “user,” we mean a visitor to your site, potential shopper, and hopeful customer.

Your site needs to be better than ever. How are the best e-commerce sites improving UX? Here are the top strategies:

  • Streamlined website design with a clean, clear layout and no broken links or pages
  • Responsive site design (works flawlessly on all platforms, including PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, etc.)
  • Limited site pop-ups
  • An easy checkout process
  • Simple, easy-to-read, error-free content
  • Data-driven design

Website Chat

You’re sure to have seen chatbots pop up on the sites you frequent. They’re generally in the lower corner of the browser window and can be minimized for visitors who have no use for them.

The reason chatbots are beneficial is that they provide instant answers to visitor questions or concerns. Many users who have questions about shipping times, discounts, out-of-stock items, or other issues will simply leave the site if they can’t get answers. And of course, that’s exactly what we don’t want. An instant and easy chat, however, can keep visitors on the site and, most importantly, keep them as customers.


Do you have a wide range of products or products that are used on a consistent basis by customers? Either one can be translated into a subscription service.

For companies that offer a wide range of products, it’s an excellent strategy to put together a “monthly subscription box” where you can send a variety of (often travel or mini size) items to subscribers every month.

If you sell something like candles, snacks, daily calendars, or skin care products, for example, these can also be automatically mailed to customers on a regular, subscription basis. It’s the perfect way to get customers on board for long-term business.

Product Demo Videos

Depending on what you sell, product demo videos can be extremely beneficial and can boost sales by a large margin. Shoppers love well-made product demo videos because they allow them to see:

  • How clothing items look on a real person as they move
  • How tools and utensils function
  • Whether or not a tool or utensil actually works
  • The size of products in relation to other objects or people
  • The color and finish of products in relation to other objects or people

Remember: Your main goal when implementing any new strategy in your e-commerce business should be improving the customer experience. Every one of the trending marketing strategies above does this. 

Combine these strategies, and you will invariably make your company stronger and improve your sales and revenue. 

Need help with any of the marketing strategies we mentioned? That’s what we’re here for!