We’ve found the sweet spot. Fifteen minutes a day on Pay Per Click campaigns is the happy medium between spending too much and too little time on PPC Campaigns. It usually comes out to be 5.5 hours per month, not including reporting or design time in landing page creation. (In our company structure we separate the Graphic Designer from the Digital Marketer role.)

This 15 minute structure is designed for someone who manages multiple campaigns through all the different stages the campaign’s life. Obviously there are many other tasks you might have to do from time to time, but this strategy will give you a good framework from which to cover large bases that increase conversion right away.

Here’s what I’m looking for in 15 minutes a day:

Add Negative Keywords

The majority of campaigns are broad. We try to add any new negative keywords that we predict will be bad for the campaign and any current search queries that we’re finding on the Analytics side. (3 min)

Adjust bids on three top performing keywords

I’m looking at search impression share, average position and conversion primarily on this task. Usually 3 to 4 months into the campaign we start to see some high converting keywords. (This time frame depends on the size of the budget; the larger the budget quicker you’ll see these trends.) (5 min)

Adjust ads

The quest for the holy grail of Quality Scores (7 to 10) usually starts with the ad matching your keyword and landing page. Changing the ad’s call to action is something we do on a pretty consistent basis. Tracking those changes over time, we are able to monitor the effectiveness of certain CTA’s in comparison to another. For example we’ll run one CTA for a week, change it or pause it for a week, then come back to it. That’s a way we’ve found to really show and prove the power of a CTA or phrase. (3 min)

Ad Extensions

Since there are now 11 types of ad extensions, we spend a lot of time on these. The goal is to get to the point where we can run all types of extensions and find the one that works really well on a campaign or in a certain ad group. For this we specifically change text, add reviews and rich snippets, and make sure call extensions are being called out properly to match the ads being used. (4 min)