What design trends can we expect for 2016? Below are a few common design predictions for this year.


Richer, bolder color pallets.


Now that more people understand the use of typography and typefaces are more accessible to designers and non-designers, expect type to play bigger roles in every project.

Visuals Instead of Text

Having a visual usually makes a larger impact for the viewer. In 2016 this will be used along with storytelling to reach the viewer faster and cause the viewer to revisit the information.

Stock Photos No More

Use of illustration, custom photos, and videos will wipe out the common stock photo and create a more personal relationship for the the viewer.

Flat Design

We have seen the continual use of flat design and how large companies have rebranded to utilize flat design, but in 2016 we will see it even more. We will also see flat hybrids that use depth to show importance on certain elements.


Illustration will be big in 2016 offering a custom, personal experience for brands to communicate with.


Your project looks beautiful, wonderful, and visually amazing! Oh wait…it doesn’t function! I’m no longer interested in your project. Fast and easy to use will trump cool.

Responsive Design

Being 100% responsive will be very important in 2016.

Clever Menus

Clever menus are a hidden menu that will appear when the viewer’s actions lead to the needed use of navigation. This allows the viewer to focus on the important content and not get distracted by additional information.