Content is everything. From ad copy to blog posts to webinars, content is the brick and mortar of your digital marketing efforts. That’s because, when done right your content is what moves your potential customers through their buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey looks a bit like this:

Buyer's Journey Content

For each stage of the buyer’s journey, different content works best to engage that audience. That’s why it is crucial to create content for your audience. For instance, someone about to buy your product isn’t going to be looking for the same information as someone who’s just beginning to do research on your product or service. Once you understand that difference you can start creating relevant content that converts strangers into customers.

Content Funnel

The content funnel depicts the different types of content that work best for the people in the different stages of the buyer’s journey. The awareness stage is the top of the funnel, consideration in the middle, and decision at the bottom.

Just as with a real funnel, the lower you go the smaller the funnel gets. That’s because there are many more people you’ll interact with during the awareness stage than the decision stage. In a perfect world, everyone who finds you at the beginning of their buyer’s journey would stay with you until the end and this would be a cylinder, but alas…




TOFU: Top of the Funnel

And we’re not talking the coagulated soy milk kind.

TOFU Content

Your top of the funnel content is the content you’re going to capture the attention of your potential buyers with. This includes social media posts, infographics and blog posts. (Yes, quite like this one you’re reading right here.) It is with this content that you convert strangers into visitors.

MOFU: Middle of the Funnel

Middle of the funnel content is generated for those in the consideration stage. They know what they are looking for and and are almost ready to make a decision. To convert visitors into leads, use content such as webinars and case studies.

BOFU: Bottom of the Funnel

This is where the magic happens. The bottom of the funnel is when you finally get to convert your leads into customers. The type of content created here is very purchase-based, such as free-trials, spec sheets and customer stories.


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