Facebook recently began rolling out Cover Videos, which allows you to add a 20-90 second video as your cover photo. (The optimal cover video should be at least 820 x 312 pixels.) Testing began publicly in April when the Netflix show Narcos debuted their cover video, featuring a short clip of money scrolling across the top.

Since then, Facebook has continued the process of adding cover videos to pages as their testing progresses. While not all pages are optimized for cover videos, approximately half of our pages have cover video capabilities and we expect the rest will follow shortly!


We’ve compiled some of the best cover videos on Facebook to show the different ways companies are utilizing cover videos. From inspirational videos to DIY’s to entertainment, these companies are doing great things with their cover videos.

We hope this variety of example cover videos will provide you with your own Facebook cover video inspiration! (Last updated 7/10/17)

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe’s Facebook page includes an artistic video that allows them to show off their fun and creative content as soon as someone lands on their page.

Facebook Cover Video Inspiration Super Deluxe


Performance Health & Fitness

Performance Health & Fitness has utilized their cover video to showcase their fitness classes and motivate visitors to work out.

Facebook Cover Video Inspiration Performance Fitness



The NFL’s cover video is a preview for a Netflix original featuring the Los Angeles Rams.

Facebook Cover Video Inspiration NFL



The Narcos scrolling cover video was the first cover video to be discovered earlier this year. It features a short clip on a loop, appearing to be a never ending stream of money.

Facebook Cover Video Inspiration Narcos



Coca-Cola’s simple, yet effective video utilizes a still image in front and a moving background that gives the illusion of a moment suspended in time.

Facebook Cover Video Inspiration Coca-Cola


Feel Desain

Feel Desain, an online magazine that focuses on the emerging design scenario, uses their cover video to convey their artistic and design-inspired subject matter.

Facebook Cover Video Inspiration Feel Desain


Amnesty International USA

Amnesty International is a charity organization based out of New York. Their cover video shows inspirational scenes and people coming together for their cause.

Facebook Cover Video Inspiration Amnesty International



Netflix’s cover video showcases their most popular shows and really let’s people know they are all about entertainment.

Facebook Cover Video Inspiration Netflix


Furniture Painting University

Furniture Painting University uses their cover video to show DIY projects that will really resonate with their visitors and inspire them to learn more about Furniture Painting University’s offerings.

Facebook Cover Video Inspiration Furniture Painting University

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