So you think you’re ready to get your first design job and use all that fancy knowledge you crammed into your brain from school… Or maybe you have been working as a designer and now you are ready to fly the coop and look for something new. Well here are a few tips for successfully getting through an interview. Although you should strive to use the following tips, none of them will instantly get you hired or magically land you a job.

Prepare yourself before you share yourself.


Researching the company you are interested in will help you get a feel for what the company is looking for in a new employee and will help you show your interest in the position throughout the hiring process.

Portfolio and Supporting Documents

Make sure your portfolio has been updated and is well organized. Referencing current work without showing it will most likely leave you to continue looking for a job. It’s important to have your portfolio and the rest of your collateral well branded and consistent.


Practice, practice, practice your approach to explaining your work, skills, and your background. Practicing will help you be able to change your presentation so it speaks specifically to the employer you are interviewing with.


Come up with 10 or more questions to ask your potential employer. Most of your questions will more than likely be answered during the interview, but having a few more questions will help show your interest in the position.


Prepare answers by looking up common interview questions and going through your research on the company you’re interviewing with for a smooth, well thought out interview.

Interview Details

Make sure to get all of the details for your interview. Who will you be interviewing with? What time is your interview? Where is your interview taking place? What are you expected to bring? How long is your interview expected to be? How many people will you being interviewing with?


Dress the part. Don’t overdress by wearing a tux to interview with a company that is an avid believer in boardshorts and flip flops and don’t underdress by wearing a t-shirt and jeans to a company that works with larger corporate clientele.

Getting an interview is exciting and nerve racking, but by doing a little research and prep work you can learn to interview well. Stay positive and learn from each interview experience.