Morgan Buisker

  • Better utilize my gym membership.
  • Become more efficient in my management. We’re trying to figure out the best project management system to use so that I can communicate internally and with our clients in the easiest and most efficient way in order to eliminate repeating work throughout my everyday process.

Samuel McCreedy

  • Spend more time with my family. Whether it is with my two sisters, parents, or grandparents.
  • Become the Analytics and AdWords expert. Google adds features to these services seemingly every month and have a statistic for everything imaginable. With a complete understanding of every metric I will be able to analyze sites in a more efficient manner.

Mark Vande Haar

  • Drink a juice everyday. Juicing is part of establishing a healthy lifestyle where you can get in your fruits and vegetables each day.
  • Organize my weeks better. I am using a new planner to sort through all the projects/tasks we work on throughout the week. This way I can be more effective with my time.

Michiel Hekker

  • Stick to my diet and gym routine. I have tried to cut out certain foods and go to the gym more frequently. This is the year that it will all come together.
  • Spend more time on graphic design. As Maudience grows I have been working more on site development. I want to allocate more time to designing this year.

Drew Knight

  • Finish a side project every month. Could be a poster design, something around the house, or helping a friend. I usually get too distracted once I get home so I need to make sure I make appropriate time on some set days to get things done.
  • Eat better! I’m incredibly picky which means I skip a lot of the food that is good for me and end up eating pizza all day everyday. I really need to toughen up and eat my veggies.

Greg Yokanovich

  • To listen more and talk less. I’m committed to finding the proper balance between being excited about our services, and listening to the needs of our clients.
  • Perfect the smoking of beef brisket. This is the year I conquer the most intimidating piece of beef on the planet.