If doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, we’re about to drive you completely nuts. Consider the following when your next media sales rep starts talking about reaching more people than you ever thought possible:

  • The average person is exposed to more than 7,000 commercial messages in a single day. This is all sources – everything from the traditional media to printed logos on pens and letterhead. What makes yours so easily remembered?
  • Time spent weekly with television is about 34 hours a week. That includes ALL uses of the television – internet connectivity, Xbox or game system, DVD player, Netflix, etc. How many commercials did you order again?
  • The average homeowner has access to 118 channels but watches only 20 of them regularly. Choose your audience carefully.
  • The average person spends 38 minutes reading the entire newspaper…the front page, metro section, leisure, classifieds, etc. How long do you think they spend on your ad?
  • The average amount of time a person spends reading a billboard is 6-seconds. Most of the electronic billboards rotate their ads about every 3 seconds. If you have more than 7 words on yours, it’s too many.
  • The average person spends less than 2 minutes on any one website…and that includes reading your 6 paragraph business history story.
  • The average listener spends about 13-hours a week with radio. That again, is just the device and most areas have between 15-and-30 different channel choices. Are you targeted correctly?
  • Almost 6 in 10 Americans have a DVR and 86% of people use it to skip commercials. Are they avoiding yours too?
  • 40% of time-shifted DVR programming is watched the same day, but most are viewed between 5 and 8 days later. Hope they see your big sale commercial before the big sale.
  • 44% of direct mail is never opened. But I’m sure they read yours that was addressed to “occupant.”
  • 91% of people have unsubscribed from company emails they previously opted into. Most likely because you kept trying to sell them something they didn’t want.
  • 78% of US Internet users accessed second screens during shows and 71% did so during ads. We’re guessing not to see yours again.
  • Saturday has the highest email response rate at over 9%. Sunday is second just under 9%. That’s if you get past the spam blocker.

So what’s the answer to this insanity? Better ads…and someone at a marketing agency who watches your investment like a hawk.