Adam Pollack Law is coming up on his year anniversary with Maudience and we asked him to reflect on his time with us. Maudience redesigned his site with a SEO focus and he also began advertising on Google. His answers reflect the benefits Maudience provides small businesses.


  1. How did you advertise before teaming up with Maudience?
    Prior to Maudience, I advertised in the phone books, did some internet advertising, and I had a website.
  1. How has your business changed/grown since partnering with Maudience?
    My website has improved, it is kept up to date more often, and my SEO score has improved. I have noticed that I receive more client calls since I hired Maudience.
  1. Why did you chose to partner with Maudience?
    Referral, I liked the vibe I got in speaking with Mark, I liked that it was a local business, and the prices seemed reasonable, so I decided to give it a try.
  1. What is your favorite part about working with Maudience?
    Responsiveness is good and you develop a working relationship with a team that knows you as opposed to someone in some far off land who knows little about you and takes forever to respond or make changes or updates.
  1. What are your future marketing goals with Maudience?
    I want to continue to grow my business and improve my SEO ranking.