Two of the most powerful tools for driving traffic to your website are title tags and meta descriptions. And you’ll never even find them on the pages of your site. The place you will find them is the Search-Engine-Of-Your-Choice’s search results page. The title tag is the large blue title that grabs your attention, while the meta description […]
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can seem a bit daunting on your own. How do you know the best places to put your keyword or keyword phrase? How many mentions of your keyword are too many? How many are too few? Thankfully there are tools to help make the most of your SEO efforts. For our […]
Content is everything. From ad copy to blog posts to webinars, content is the brick and mortar of your digital marketing efforts. That’s because, when done right your content is what moves your potential customers through their buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey looks a bit like this: For each stage of the buyer’s journey, different […]
If you’re advertising online (which we hope you are!) there are certain metrics that you really should be paying attention to. These are click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate. It’s pretty easy to get these two mixed up, so we thought we’d just go through, as you may have guessed, the basics.   CTR – […]
As a business…why are you on Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? LinkedIn? Every business brand on social media is on for one reason – to (eventually) get more business. That means different things to different types of businesses – which means you might have different objectives: Driving in-store sales Increasing online sales Launching a new product/service Building […]
So, you want to go live. Facebook Live, that is. But, you’re wondering how to go Facebook Live? Don’t worry, it’s not that scary. And it’s fun! Let’s face it, it’s about as exciting to marketers as broccoli is to this pug. This feature has been heavily promoted by Facebook in recent months, which aligns […]
In this installment of our Back to the Basics series we’re covering the basics of PPC and Google Adwords. Breaking Down PPC PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is an online marketing model for ads. It works exactly as it says: You only pay when someone clicks. The amount you pay per click is called, not-at-all-shockingly, CPC, or […]
Businesses looking to make changes usually have a single challenge in mind — they may claim they need to improve their Facebook presence or their search engine rankings, but the truth is that the core problem they’re trying to solve lies much deeper than these one-off tactics. They don’t need a bigger Twitter following; they […]
There is something about marketing that can make smart people feel stupid. It’s like when you talk to a lawyer…it often feels as though they’re speaking another language. The trouble is, if you don’t understand what you’re paying for, you’re going to get duped. We’ve assembled the most common marketing issues business owners face and […]
“7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO” “5 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Small Businesses” “The Ultimate List of Reasons Why YOU Need SEO!” These are just three articles you can find on the internet regarding SEO. There are hundreds – no thousands (maybe millions?) – more like them. At this point […]
Who watches TV anyway? That’s the question you need to ask yourself before you even consider spending money on television ads. According to an article written by the Director of Business Development here at Maudience, Greg Yokanovich, in the last five years the hours spent watching television by 18-34 year olds has dropped by 9 […]
Designing a new website takes a lot of planning and consideration on both your part and that of the developer. You have to pick the color scheme, what you want on your menu, and the content that will be added, including pictures, videos and copy. It’s a lot. But there’s one thing you must ask […]
We’ve found the sweet spot. Fifteen minutes a day on Pay Per Click campaigns is the happy medium between spending too much and too little time on PPC Campaigns. It usually comes out to be 5.5 hours per month, not including reporting or design time in landing page creation. (In our company structure we separate […]
Google has made some changes to its Adwords platform over the past year – and not just in regards to functionality. Google rearranged its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) results, effectively necessitating (positive) change behind both SEO and PPC strategy. The major areas that have been addressed are: A reduced number of results for Ads […]