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The invisible shopper is looking at you right now. He’s aware of you because he’s in your store as we speak…but you can’t see him. He only has about 3 minutes to look around and if he likes what he sees, he’ll tap you on the shoulder and you’ll be able to meet him. He’s […]
I know a boy who is crazy about Minecraft. Virtually anything with the Minecraft name attached to it gets his attention. Last week, a new update to his gaming platform version was issued and after coming back to earth from his excitement, he went to YouTube to watch his favorite instructional videos. An hour later, […]
Gone are the days (or they should be) when ads lived in one medium and spoke at consumers. If nothing else, digital marketing has changed that paradigm permanently. Even most consumers of television have now taken complete control over how they watch, when they watch, and what they watch. Witness: the activity taking place every […]
We keep running into businesses who are spending huge amounts of money in search advertising. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just as an Iowa web-design company, we find horrible amounts of waste. Recently, one particular company we found was spending in excess of $20,000 per month in search marketing. Sure, it’s a highly competitive market […]
“I Tried It And It Didn’t Work.” It’s the phrase less-than-overwhelmed advertisers often say when approached with a marketing idea. Accepting that you truly believe an idea didn’t work, here are some general questions to ask yourself: Why did you try it? Often, a new kind of ad campaign begins from an ill-timed need for new customers. […]
In 1914, a little umbrella-carrying girl on a round box of table salt appeared and it never went away. For more than 100 years, the Morton’s salt color, shape, logo, and brand statement hasn’t changed. But their website has. It’s fresh, clean…updated and it works very well. The Kikkoman soy sauce bottle design first came […]
At Maudience, we hear time and time again how difficult it is for a company to find quality employees. It used to be so easy. If you had an opening, you called the newspaper and post it in the classifieds. If you got really crazy, you did this over multiple days and with bigger ads […]
You get what you pay for. A free website is just like anything else offered for free…there’s always a catch. It’s understandable that the word “free” still manages to attract as many people as it does. Given the considerations of a business website, we feel the word “free” undervalues what a true professional website design […]
In order to get Maudience off the ground two years ago, I was forced to walk door to door to businesses practically begging them to let us build them a website for money. The three main objections I would get were: 1. My site is okay, nobody goes to it anyways. 2. I don’t need […]
More than 60% of all searches on the internet now start on a mobile device. More shocking is the fact that 48% of the population uses a mobile device EXCLUSIVELY to research online. Those statistics don’t even include other non-PC devices like smart-TV’s and game consoles. The bottom line: Your business website must be optimized […]
Review your website A quick glance at your website isn’t what we mean. Step outside of your current bottle as owner or manager of your business and truly look at your website as a customer would. Would YOU do business with YOU based on your experience? Check your site on multiple devices…using the office computer […]